Native Plants and Landscaping at Aliento

Posted on 26 Jan, 2017

Every physical design feature of Aliento is meant to serve a sustainable purpose, from the in-home LivingSmart® energy-efficient appliances, to the water-efficient permeable pavement used on community walkways. Our native plants and natural landscape design play a significant role in creating a welcoming, sustainable community that is inspired by nature.

Aliento’s landscape design team focused on using native and drought tolerant plants throughout. More than 50 percent of the graded slopes contain native plant species, with non-native but drought tolerant plants filling in the balance. During an “establishment period” lasting the first few years, the plants are given an appropriate amount of water designed to encourage deep rooting. Once established, the supplemental water is gradually reduced as the plants become used to the natural rainfall patterns what is an agile approach. You’ll also find native tree species, the same as or similar to those in the adjacent canyons and arroyos, planted along the perimeter of Aliento to create a smooth visual transition to the naturalized areas.

Aliento uses a water-efficient drip irrigation system designed to apply water to each plant individually. Compared to conventional spray or rotor irrigation, much less water is lost to evaporation and run-off. This ‘point-source’ irrigation system is becoming more popular for master-planned communities because it uses far less water than conventional spray irrigation systems. Overhead spray irrigation is only used at Aliento in special feature gardens or functional activity lawns.

Except for the large lawn area at The Terrace, you will not find many lawns in the community. But don’t let the minimal use of “turf lawn” fool you–Aliento will be a green community. Driving along the meandering roads or walking the extensive trail system, residents and visitors will enjoy tree-lined parkways, colorful and layered shrubs as well as the artful use of native plants to create a natural, beautiful setting.

Aliento will be an exceptional place because of its location, its naturalistic design, and its state-of-the-art water efficiency. By featuring a landscape design that uses less water than conventional landscape designs, Aliento is helping to celebrate and enhance the natural landscape character and quality of the Santa Clarita Valley.

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